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Dutch maternity care, or as we know it: Kraamzorg, is unique in the world. It is standard practice to have 8 days of professional postnatal home care, payed by the insurance company.

As most parents will agree, the first few days at home from the hospital with a newborn are challenging: certainly full  of unfamiliar tasks and sometimes a bit scary. It can also be an emotionally overwhelming and physically exhausting time with sleepless nights, recovery from the birth, the beginning of breastfeeding, house chores and communicating with all the well-wishers.

It is difficult to quantitatively measure the long-term positive impacts or value of having professional care like this. Certainly it provides a strong basic structure, a relaxed and confident start for new parents, good medical oversight, breastfeeding advice, a clean and safe house. All these things have a long-term inpact on the child and the family.

Not only that, but it makes the first weeks with your baby a delightful, memorable time, and who wouldn't want to start like that?


If you want to be sure that you can benefit the most from the Kraamzorg;  communication  in your own language and high standard care, than contact me. I speak English, assez bien Francais, und leidlich Deutsch. As I am working on my own, I cannot accept many clients.

I will let you know within 24 hours after you contact me, whether I am available for you. 


Our experience with Nel was amazing, it totally exceeded our expectations.

Her care, energy, attention and advice go far beyond what other parents tell me they experienced during their Kraamzorg time. I would agree with ohter parents who wrote references on her site: we felt like we received 5 star attention!

She is not only a professional nurse, but she is also very caring about the wellbeing of both baby and parents. She is intelligent, flexible and FUN to have around. She is a great cook and conversationalist. I have fond memories of resting in bed, baby napping in his crib, and hearing my husband and Nel chatting happily in the kitchen while she prepared baked chicken, chocolate mousse and a vegetable casserole, my husband asking a million worried new daddy questions, and Nel laughing, patiently and kindly answering each one, with statistics and histories and opinions, all while chopping and cleaning.

Not only did she take wonderful care of all of us during the time she was with us, but she also left us with some great advice for the future about raising a child. 

( and some delicious recipes and cleaning tips!)

She was able to provide us a relaxed and happy first week at home, which I think goes a long way to giving our baby a strong start and making us confident in our roles as new parents.

We will always remember the special time we had with Nel, and be gratefull.

Anne, Pinaki and baby Paul, Amsterdam.